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When we speak of PUTTING ON A SHOW OF AMAZING AMPED UP ICE at Agile Life Adventures, we speak of many things, and for this we have many plans, and many ways that you can Join the Show! 

ULTIMATELY... We make these plans, and put on this show so that, together, we will be able to:

Sustainably feed 8 Million people each year, and then do even more for Mercy's Sake each, and every year, Forever.

For more information on what you can do RIGHT NOW to JOIN THE SHOW as part of our Agile Point of Happiness strategy, keep reading...

We are developing a practical way for our local parish churches to "get outside the walls" and take our full responsibility to Help Mercy Abound among our neighbors in our parishes as Pope Francis has recently encouraged us to do in the year of The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.


If you are part of a group of 10 or more, want to co-promote your own endeavors with us, or are just a kind hearted soul who wants to help spread as fast, and as widely as possible...

This is our response to Our Papa's call here at as an extension of MERCIPALOOZA!

Accordingly, we are setting up shows at a series of Italian Ice Venues that serve as either mobile or fixed community centers.

By stopping at one of our Agile Points of Happiness, the people who are our neighbors will be able to:

  • Enjoy a Refreshing Treat of Italian Ice for a reasonable price.
  • Sit with a Priest for FREE to receive the ministry of Divine Mercy for themselves, or discuss what they can do to better deliver it to those for whom they care.
  • Sit with a Volunteer for FREE who specializes in Just-Right Peace, so that they can discuss matters of social justice for themselves, and discuss what they can do to better deliver it to those for 
  • Enjoy the entertainment of our FREE Merry Band.
  • Receive an invitation to Do More Better right away, even before going home, by simply volunteering at a nearby Little Mustard Seed Factory (or LMSF) to pack some food for those who would starve without our help, and thus helping to address what is known as Mercy Job #1:  Feeding the Hungry.
  • Drop off an anonymous requests for both prayer, and help in overcoming blockers in their own life which are preventing them from realizing their hopes, and dreams, and receive follow up from local Parish Builders in their own community to help move those blockers out of their way for good.
  • Receive an invitation to request help anytime they need it using the form online, in addition to the forms we will have at our local 

In the mobile form, these Agile Points of Happiness will take the form of a simple ice cart, a couple of love seats, and a few umbrellas with the LMSF set up at a nearby parish church fellowship hall.

For the permanent venues, we are crowd funding the set-up of a Rita's Italian Ice franchise in Orlando, FL which will have the Seat of Mercy, the Seat of Just-Right Peace, a stage for our Merry Band, and an LMSF embedded in its architecture.  

From this first store location, we will extend our franchise network as far as your patronage will carry us.

And, as our network of permanent venues expands, we will expand the network of our mobile points as well, even to the ends of the Earth!

CLICK HERE to buy your ticket to our Grand Opening Show, and receive the Happiness of free ice worth more than the price of admission when you party with your neighbors!


As we said above, if you are part of a group of 10 or more, want to co-promote your own endeavors with us, or are just a kind hearted soul who wants to help spread as fast, and as widely as possible...


When you either take a MERCIPALOOZA Vacation with us, or have us come to your site to conduct an Agility of Grace workshop, you will learn how to put the power of the Rosary of Agility to work for you in your ministry of Mercy to your neighbors.

Our Founder, Grant Shull, has put together a workshop based on the confluence of his certification as a Certified Agile Leader, and his life-long pursuit of realizing his baptismal vision of being dubbed a Knight of the Order of Abundance of Grace.

These workshops take what Grant has learned over his 30+ years of professional experience as an Agile IT practitioner, and expands it beyond the information technology work room into the broader fields of the Maker City, Maker Parish, and Parish Maker movements.

When you learn the way of the Agility of Grace, you will learn how to unleash the power of the people in your parish to Help Mercy Abound to his fullest extent by leveraging the collaborative advantages of each individual member of your parish celebrating their unique calling to Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose within the guiding context of the Rosary’s general call  for all of us to Inclusion, Collaboration, and Engagement for Mercy’s sake, so that OPML thinking can be wiped from the Face of the Earth, and the way can be prepared for the return of Our Lord Mercy in the person of Jesus, himself.

Reserve Your Week Before It Disappears...


When we talk about Cathartic Therapy, we are simply taking about going to the theatre, and more specifically the live theatre to enjoy a "mini-vacation with a purpose", because going to a show should not only be fun, it should also be an engagement of the whole self toward positive change.

CLICK HERE to help us deliver this Amazing ICE as a Patron of the Arts!

For this, we have a two pronged plan.

Number One, we are endeavoring to open up the dormant theatre space at Celebration, FL as a live performance venue that will serve two purposes:

To be a stage for performing Shakespeare in Eternal Summer Stock Repertory.  Some of you may be familiar with the “Endless Summer” campaign born here in Central Florida.  Building on this theme, we are extending what many of you may have experienced as a “summer” experience into a permanent one here in the Orlando, the land of the eternal summer of fun in the sun.

We have chosen Shakespeare, because his works touched on many of the same themes of AMPED UP ICE that have proven to be both universal to the human condition, and part-and-parcel of the dynamics that make the Agility of Grace work in everyday life.

Behind this continuous rep, we will be developing "The Queen of Grace" as collaborative opus vision for the Rosary performed as a modern-era Broadway style stage extravaganza on steroids, because we will not only perform this work, but we will invite our audiences to come on stage, join our dance, and join our work of MERCIPALOOZA in their everyday life as part of the extended Cathartic experience of attending the theatre.

Along both of these cathartic pathways, we will also be positioning Agility signposts, and offering Agility-inducing products, lectures, and seminars that will serve to increase the adoption, and practice of healthy, and often Holy Agility in the lives of our patrons, and in their neighboring communities.

CLICK HERE to become a Patron of our Show of Amazing Amped Up ICE in all of its glory!


To support our integration of the network into our lives as a way to use Twitter for the most good possible, we are creating a little dodecagon that people can carry in their pocket.  This is reminiscent of what Grant saw on the day of his baptism as spectral points that were random, yet not chaotic, independent, yet coordinated by the Agility of Grace.

In their resting states, these little, rechargeable prisms will be white, or slightly golden in appearance.  When, however, a new request for assistance shows up in the same parish, they will glow with spectral hues according to whether the request is for assistance with a Hope, Dream, Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Shame, or Sorrow.

For this, we are currently seeking the help of engineers that can help realize this particular dream of Inclusion, Collaboration, and Engagement toward Happiness that we are now dreaming together, simply by you reading this blurb.

Oh, and the Tesseract… That’s YOU, because when you respond to this little piece of Amazing ICE, and track down the person who needs help for Mercy’s sake, and help them, you will each become the timeless Infinity of Happiness dancing together in the middle of the Divine Now that both of you were always meant to be.

Get The Little Mustard Seed Starter Pack Trilogy, and you will begin to understand what we mean here, and you will be able to Do More Better each, and every day as you move on down the road toward our Ultimate Happiness together.


As a natural extension of all of the above, we will be constantly seeking to “get the show on the road,” so that we can spread the Happiness of Agility of Grace as far, and as wide as we can.

And this will take the form of MERCIPALOOZA concerts that will involve local Merry Bands in our performances of The Queen of Grace, and allow them to “show their stuff” to their waiting, and thirsty neighbors.  And, of course, we will do this, so that all of the people we can get to JOIN OUR SHOW OF AMAZING AMPED UP ICE will become agents of positive change right where they live as the learn how to Do More Better to HELP MERCY ABOUND to his fullest extent possible, even in the hateful face of OPML pushback.


We want to engage everybody in making the world a better, brighter place for us all to live in, and to love in for many generations to come, so we are using the natural, International draw that is Walt Disney World to turn MERCIPALOOZA into a sport, much like what Disney has done for cheerleading, only with much, much bigger positive consequences.

For this, we have a BIG vision, which we are just beginning to explore with the partners we hope will fill the roles we have outlined below.

But we also have a plan to get started right away at the local level.

Simply sign up to be a team member, and we will put the tools to be a MERCIPALOOZA 3on3 competitor in your hands.

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And as for the 3 ON 3 Vision…

To honor the Life Opuses of Life Coaches Bob Haas, Barry Pfahl, Gordon Jack Miller, Charles Casto, James Beck, Patricia Chopich Essex Reichert, and Nelson Roberts of Willard, OH... ESPN, People To People International, The Knights of Columbus, Rotary International,, and present:

The Perpetual Global 3on3 Basketball Pentathlon Tournament to Sustainably Feed Millions of Impoverished, and Otherwise Starving People Each Year, Spread the Happiness of World Peace, and Do More Better Each, and Every Day So That We May All Work Together to Make the World a Better, Brighter Place to Live In, and to Love In for Us All. 

Let’s not try to boil the ocean, or corral the sky, let’s simply commit to taking a little bite out of world poverty each day, stop sniping at each other from our private echo chambers on social media, playing some round ball to prove our heart, bagging some food to sustainably feed at least 8 million people who would otherwise have none, and having some life-altering, world-changing dialogue about the challenges of the future that face us all, and what we can do just a little bit better each, and every day to collaborate among ourselves,  overcome our differences, and move beyond them toward an evermore happy global Unity of Peace as a global family. 

Let’s all observe this motto: I may not know exactly how to connect up all the dots, but I do know that I have faith in my fellow global round-ballers to act with goodwill, and I shall accept nothing less than the best of excellence from myself, from them, and from us all for Mercy’s sake. 

And let’s all make this the challenge for World Peace we shall wage on, and off the court, together:  To help those who need, and dream to do more better for themselves, but have real-world impairments of scarcity preventing them from obtaining adequate food, water, clothing, welcome as aliens in foreign lands & shelter from homelessness in the lands they call home, healthcare, freedom from blockers that hold them back from living dignified lives at work, and as families, and blockers that prevent their dignified end-of-life care, and burial. 

Global Finalists will be invited each December by ESPN to Disney World in sunny Orlando Florida to co-celebrate the Nobel Peace Prize awards by playing in the 3on3 Global Grande Finale, having a Feed My Starving Children food bag off, and co-promoting their ideas for keeping our Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Shining at The End of Every Day for generations to come. 

The winning team in each division will be invited to make a video promoting their idea for a better, brighter world, offered a chance to travel with to deliver the food we bag at the Grande Finale directly to the people who need it most, and awarded an Imagineering Grant as a stipend to help make their Dream of a Better, Brighter World Come True as their Welcome Home from a World Peace Tour well waged, and for a job well done on all accounts.

Teams shall consist of 33 players, each, and get points for winning basketball games (3), serving their communities (3), bagging food in collaboration with & (3), generating workable solutions to real-world problems that can be scaled up with the efficiency of Machine-Platform-Crowd Organization, and the Grace of Collaborative Human Agility (3), and presenting their ideas in artistically engaging ways (3) that involve graphic arts (3), dialog (3), song (3), dance (3), stage-craft spectacle (3), and light (3). 

Scoring will be done round robin FIFA style with 3 points for a win, 1 point each for a tie, and zero points for a loss in all geographies. Sixteen teams shall participate in each meet. Lots shall be drawn to determine “home” and “away” team designations, home teams will not compete with each other, and away teams will rotate in a circle to face each of the home teams. A tie between any number of first place teams shall be determined by combining point differentials on the basketball court with number of food bags produced on The Mobile Little Mustard Seed factory floors. And any remaining ties determined by drawing lots. 

Geographical divisions shall be self-organizing orthogonally into sixteens-of-sixteens, and shall be broken into divisions using the traditional adjacent physicality of existing postal code systems in each geography. 

National geographies are recognized as per UN guidelines, and are considered to arise from the location of the official National Capital (for example, Russia is a European country, although their population spans both Europe, and Asia)

At the Global Grande Finale level geographical representation of the 16 finalists shall be apportioned as follows:

Asia: 6 teams

Africa: 2 teams

Europe: 2 teams

North America: 2 teams

South America: 2 team

Oceania: 2 team 

Each Continent shall seed the Finale with eight rounds of nested pre-selection as follows:



Postal Code to five levels (Regional, Sectional, District, Metropole, and Borough)

Postal Code sixth-level subdivision (Parochial)

There shall be three rounds available for “friendlies” each yearly cycle as “practice rounds” beginning in January in among sixth level postal code divisional geographies. 

Preselection rounds will take place each month beginning Sunday Morning at 8 am local time, and will run for nine hours on a 20/10/20/10 basis with an hour for lunch at noon. The Sunday morning chosen shall be the Sunday immediately before the 10th of the Month, and shall be the third of the month if the tenth is a Sunday. 

For direct competition, 20/10/20 is two 20 minute periods of action with ten minutes of rest in between. The final 10 minutes will be for scoring, and movement to the next venue. 

For comparative presentation competitions, the two twenty minute periods will be used to allow each opposing team to present for scoring by a panel to f three judges in the presence of the other team. 

As teams are eliminated from global competition, they are encouraged to continue attending local competitions, working to improve their own team for the next year, and, when possible, assisting the winning team from their geography, because the point of this competition is to innovate, to serve, and to learn how to be at peace with one another in a world where we all win together, and even a loss is a win if we have the Grace and Goodwill to learn to do more better next time around. 

The cost to sanction a team for competition is $100/team member per month, payable by each team member individually as a direct monthly installment subscription via PayPal. Everyone who participates, whether directly on a team, or as part of the administrative, or judging functions, will pay this fee to support the world sanctioning body for MERCIPALOOZA 3on3.

Sign up now with PayPal...

The money derived from these sanctioning fees will be used to plan, and execute the Grande Finale each year, and to seed the promotional activities of the global council of governors. 

Contributions toward prizes, and other benefits of sanctioning shall be solicited from commercial, and charitable partners to enhance the work of our competitors, and to encourage the maximum number of teams to participate. 

Each Perpetual Global 3on3 Basketball Tournament Site (Local through Global Finale) shall provide eight venues for each of the five 3on3 competitions that shall be collectively scored as a pentathlon:

Basketball (Half-Court Tournament)

Manna Packing (Competitive Food Bagging ie & FoodForThePoor.orgsponsored “Joint The Pack” events)

Exhibition of Community Service (in the TED Talk style)

Live Idea Show (a Theatrical Event)

Scenographic Display (the “Liquid Promotional Space” the team brings to show their stuff)

Individual geographies are free to specify the space limitations their particular geography can accommodate. 

For exhibitions, and shows it is required that each team be provided at least one rotation into a room specifically designed to accommodate TED-style, and theatrical style presentation as appropriate to the genre of the presentation. 

Teams are required to prepare themselves for basketball as they best can. Enlisting the aid of local coaches is encouraged. 

Teams shall be provide contacts from both, and to help them prepare for the packing events. 

Teams for the other two events are encouraged to acquire the following bibliography to prepare for exhibitions, and shows:

  • Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly
  • The Little Mustard Seed Trilogy Starter Pack by Grant Shull which is FREE to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers [CLICK HERE to ACCESS] (theatrical presentations will be scored according to how well the team incorporates the themes of this trilogy into their original work demonstrating their particular innovative concept) 
  • The Second Machine Age by Brynjolfsson & McAfee
  • Machine Platform Crowd by Brynjolfsson & McAfee (both this work and Second Machine Revolution will be used as a framework for evaluating the particular innovation presented)
  • The Art of Possibility by Zander & Zander
  • Aristotle’s Poetics by Aristotle
  • Mother Teresa’s Prescription by Paul Wright
  • Find Your Why by Simon Sinek
  • How to Convince Them in 90 Seconds or Less by Nicholas Boothman
  • Also:  A good reading knowledge of one or more major faith traditions that encourage the personification of Mercy in one’s own life, and promote servant-leadership to others over OPLM-driven, zero-sum solutions to problem solving, and peaceful coexistence (cf. The Art of Possibility) could prove helpful in convincing your judges of the merit in what you present. 

Otherwise, the world is your oyster, and your canvas is yours to paint as you see fit. 

Have fun, learn much, and work toward happiness, keeping in mind our guiding haiku as you go your merry way:

Namaste! See Love;

Serve Mercy: Send Happiness;

Wage Peace: Namaste!

Sign up now for a MERCIPALOOZA 3on3 Membership with PayPal...