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July 24, 2019 — Matthew 24-25

Watch, Work & Wield.  These are the three commands of Mercy found in three stories of Mathew 25.

These are the three core practices of the The Way of Mercy that will demonstratively impact the world for good as we Live W-Cubed Lives.

Watch for every opportunity to profit Mercy just a littel bit more each day.  Look carefully, and be situationally aware.  Be as crafty as a serpent in perceiving the danger of other people that Jesus talks about in chapter 24, but be as innocent as doves, and as diligent in doing good with courage, and kindness as virgin’s waiting for their groom to take them to wed.

And don’t sell yourself short by trading in the FUDS of the OPML marketplace, because that will literally make you a day late, and a dollar short, when they close the doors to the never-ending party in Heaven that is planned for The Merciful.

Work.  Don’t trust in Easy-Belivism of obsequious thoughts, and vapid confessions, as James reminds us in Chapter 2, but work for the cause of those who have been given less than you to steward on your sojourn through this weary land.  Instead, do everything with what you have been given that you can to Help Mercy Abound, so there is at least twice as much Mercy every time you check.  And note, that even one talent is a lifetime-worth, so when you hold on to your talent because of the FUDS of OPML thinking, you lose more than everything.

Remember, in Matthew 24, Jesus says that if you follow him in the Way of Mercy you will be:

  • Not deceived by those that present the FUDS of OPML thinking as a substitute for him
  • Not troubled by wars, and rumors of wars
  • Delivered up to be afflicted, killed, and hated by all nations for naming Mercy as your sake, so you are going to have to fight for your right to party
  • Be saved, if you endure as a sheep in a cold, and dangerous world for Mercy’s Sake until the end according to the promise found at the end of Matthew 25
  • Recognize the signs of the Second Advent of Mercy, because you will be increasing his Real Presence on this Earth
  • Taken to be with Mercy when he returns, even while the unmercifully is left behind
  • Watching for his return
  • Working as his servant
  • Wielding all the is his, when he finds you doing what he has commanded you to do in the Name of Mercy
  • Not cutoff from the land of the living, nor placed in the “sin bin” with the hypocrites who promote the death of OPML by inflicting FUDS on their neighbors

So, do the work that is glimmers of Grace place right before your eyes, and for Mercy’s Sake, don’t hide your talents, or fail to do what your Master of Mercy has given you, even if it seems terribly odd, or completely impossible.  Trust that what he has called you to do, he will complete in you through the aid of others who hear the call of hope, and wear Mercy’s name as their appellation as well.  Otherwise, your portion will be taken away, and you will be cast into the lot of the hypocrites, those who play a part to strut, and fret an hour upon the stage, but ultimately, will be heard no more, and signify less than nothing…forever.

Wield everything that you have been given for the good of others, as did the Good Samaritan.  

And count not the cost, because scarce OPML thinking results only in the millstone of FUDS that will sink you to eternal depths of despair where you shall never see even one glimmer of The Agility of Grace, or taste the refreshing comfort of even one single raindrop… forever.

Instead, celebrate the Bounty of The Agility of Grace by watching, working, and welding whatever you have been given to help your neighbor gather home toward Our Ultimate Happiness of Divine Intercourse with Elohim, and with our fellow siblings of Mercy himself.

Be W-cubed to do more better each, and every day, and live a the W3 Life of a sheep…

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