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Because your Eternal Life, and our Ultimate Happiness truly depend on it! 

July 16, 2019 Matthew 26

Bethania (aka Bethany), the place from where Jesus ascended, and through where he shall return means...The House of the Figs & The House of The Poor. 

Right after Jesus finished his “sheep & goats” discourse in Mathew 25, Judas, at the head of Matthew 26, bargained for his own, personal, short-lived, and disastrous sycophantic happiness imposture of thirty pieces of silver from his own context of scarcity to betray the Legacy of Mercy which had just been laid bare as the true means to Happiness Infinitum, and Life Everlasting. 

In response, Jesus quoted the blessing of serving the poor as the true way to find the blessing of the Infinity of Happiness from Deuteronomy 15:11, noting that there will never cease to be some people in need among us, thus doubling down on the command to, “Open your hand to the poor and needy neighbor in your land.” And then he quadrupled down on the three stories of Mercy in Matthew 25 by literally accepting the missing, final Corporal Act of Mercy as a dignified burial worth one year’s wages directly for himself from the lady with the alabaster jar in city of the house of the poor, the very city of the House of the Figs of Decision in the context of the knowledge of good & evil, and at the table of communion in the house of the untouchable, seated right next to Simon, the leper, whom he had healed, very likely at the spot where he had made the first sacrifice to cover the untouchable nakedness of Adam & Eve, before sending them out of the Eternal Peace of the Garden of Eden into the thorny world of “their own making.”

As the Old Testament teaches us & The Great Commission given from this same house of figs commands us:  The poor are given to us as our test for what we do with our knowledge of good, and evil (and whether or not we cover our own naked, morally bankrupt DOA souls by giving a fig for them) as we go into all the world, remaking it through The Martyrs’ Bath of Tikkun Olam by baptizing those who repent of the evil of the same treacherous, scarce thinking of Eve, Adam, and Judas in the context of the Ineffable Light of the bounty of the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and by teaching those so baptized to observe the Way of Mercy that Jesus taught to us in parables for realizing, in truth, the Kingdom of God among us, literally from the spot where he both made the rainbow clothes of promise from the sacrifice he offered first for Adam & Eve, and the rainbow promise of his never ending presence to each of us, so that we can freely, and ecstatically dance naked, just as David did before the Show Bread of the Temple, until Jesus return on a white horse as the Conquering Mercy robed in the Glory of The Eternal Bounty of Grace. 

This is why those who have lived their lives to sycophantically enrich themselves with the material impostures of this sin-soaked Earth, will tremble in fear at Jesus Second Coming, and beg for a death that will never come, because they will be shaken bare.  The moral bankruptcy of their souls shall be made as obvious to all of us as a fig at harvest time, and  every un-repented indignity they have foist upon their fellow human beings through the FUDS of OPML thinking, and the correlating oppression of their dirty deeds shall be meted out upon their real-and-present bodies as punishment infinitum, forever. 

This is why James makes this same test vividly clear in Chapter 2 of his epistle as he sets our treatment of the poor, and whether or not we give a fig to show Mercy to people who otherwise have nothing, but for the offer of our grace, as the sole litmus test of our faith. Otherwise, we are as nakedly dead in our sin, and in the errors of the FUDS of OPML thinking as were Adam & Eve (and more pointedly, the treacherous murders we know as Cain & Judas); indeed, we are naked, and dead, and eternally alone without the promise of the sacrifice of Mercy demanded by our creator in the cool of the eighth day, the day of redemption, which St. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 6 is always the Divine Now of Today, for we never know when we will be called to turn over the warehouses of our life’s labors to another, and to posthumously receive the Mercy of a dignified burial for ourselves from their hands. 

This is why Jesus plead for another way in the garden of the treacherous path to peace on the heels of the Hallel of never-ending Seder, because he knew that the blood of Calvary would never stop flowing from the veins of we who call Jesus, “LORD.”  

Instead, until his thirst for a Just-Right Peace is sated, and he rises to return from his seat at The Right Hand of Our Father, we must always be filling the Sanct Grael which he accepted for us on our behalf at Gethsemane (literally “the press of eight of the fruit of peace” or “the redemptive press of peace”) in Bethany among the treason tainted olive branches of peace; instead, we must always be filling his Grael with our own Sang Real, the royal blood of the wine of our shared human kindness that pours through us by the oily, Immaculate Grace of his pressing presence in the person of the Holy Spirit, with his miraculous transubstantiating transformation of what would otherwise be the moribund cores of our ultimate emptiness into living, beating hearts overflowing with infinite kindness, and bursting with the never ending Mercy of The Agility of Grace. 

For it is through us pouring out our hearts as a drink offering upon Jesus’ anointed, finished, and remembered body of sacrifice that we all may find the Mercy to cover our otherwise naked selves, and sanctify ourselves for an Eternal Life of Divine Intercourse with him & with each of the others of us who are likewise prepared by eating the sacrifice we offer through him, and with him, and in him each & every day for his merciful sake alone as the meat of our very existence, indeed, as our supernal daily bread. 

This is why the cross is not Jesus’ alone to bear, but belongs on each, and every day to each, and every one of us who seeks his transforming, transcendent, transfiguring, transubstantiated touch in our Holy Mystic Sweet Communion with him. 

This is why Happiness cannot be taken, or bought, or cajoled, but can only be discerned, and received by giving away all we have, and all we hope to be, and leaving all of our fig leaves on the dance floor as we shake loose our mortal trappings, and impoverish ourselves of the sycophantic happiness impostures of this world, so that we can, instead, cover ourselves in the Blinding Core Truth of the Ineffable Light of Jesus’ Bloodbath of Martyrdom, pressing out each of ourselves into an Infinity of Happiness as dodecahedral tesseracts of positivity who are each the witnessing witnessed to, and the created, creative, recreating, coadjutant creators of the Inexhaustible Bounty of The Agility of Grace which Our Lady, Kecharitomene, The Queen of Grace glimmers indefinitely, and ineffably all around us, to guide us on to the victory of Revelation 3:21, and bids us, along with Our Holy Spouse to come to the party at the end of time for Mercy’s sake of Revelation 22, so that, together, we can gather home to our Ultimate Happiness each, and every day until time shall tick, and tears shall drop no more. 

This is why we must party like never before for Mercy’s Sake with!

Because your Eternal Life, and our Ultimate Happiness truly depend on it!

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