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July 22, 2019 Deuteronomy 20

Instead of getting fed up, try feeding others with Mercy.

Too often these days, we are seeing headlines like this:

Judge Jeanine: A lot of Americans are fed up and I'm one of them

The truth is that Jeanine judges badly.  

Jeanine judges badly, because she reasons from a position of scarcity misinformed by OPML thinking, rather than from a position the Infinite Bounty of human potential informed by Mercy, himself.

In fact, those whom Jeanine is fed up with are those who fight for social justice, and are the very people who love this country with a love that Jeanine, and her fed up followers will, sadly, never know.

Because the love of those who fight for your immortal soul by fighting for social justice for us all is a love motivated by The Agility of Grace transcending family origin, party, and, even country.  

This is the love of that says with certainty that it is always time to party for Mercy’s Sake like never before, because your eternal life, and our ultimate happiness depend on it.

So, how about it?

How about you forsake the ranting FUDS of OPML that drive the likes of Jeanine, who is willing to sell out the poor with poor judgement just to get your like, and the benefit of your ratings on the TV?

Instead, how about you leave the rantings of Jeanine, and her ilk behind, and join us in sustainably feeding 8 Million+ people who would otherwise die without our help?

We guarantee, your spirit, your hopeful heart, and your blood pressure will all be the better for it.

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