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July 20, 2019 Matthew 3

Don’t Be Part of Our Evangelical Problem

A recent article on The Woes of The Seven Mountain Mandate tells us that sad tale that, in the USA today, we have an Evangelical Problem that keeps a demagogue such as Donald J. Trump in the office of the president, because a particular part of the Flock of Christ has fallen into the crags of the way home, and has sold our birthright for, at best, a mess of pottage. 

Instead, we invite you to reclaim your Christian Birthright, and party for Mercy’s Sake like never before with 

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The authors of the article above help to further uncover the roots of the moral bankruptcy of the "Seven Mountain Mandate" which is the driving force behind Trumpism, MAGA, the past several years of GOP decline, the uncanny fear of Evangelical white males, and the unwavering support from a large swath of misguided Catholic imposters such as Newt Gingrich, and Kelly Anne Conway. 

According to this article:

‘The "Seven Mountain Mandate" which is the belief, held across several Pentacostal and Charismatic movements, that in order for Jesus to return to earth, churches must influence and infiltrate the seven major pillars of society: government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family, religion, and business. ‘

This is THE problem of our Zeitgeist, because this course of action is in direct opposition with what Jesus commanded us to do. 

He DID NOT command us to infiltrate, and influence. 

And he DID NOT command us to make the cult of the perfect culture, or of building perfect families our primary concern. 

In fact, he said even the pagans give ”The Family” a cult status.

And then he commanded us us to Dio More Better. 

He commanded us to party for Mercy’s Sake like never before with 

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In fact Jesus said let Cesar have what is Cesar’s while you give your whole heart to the work of Mercy. 

And this is the way the first 600 year’s worth of martyrs behaved while turning this same Seven Mountain Mandate of Roman rule  on its head, and freeing us all from its feckless enslavement, and ultimately, eternal death. 

This particular bunch of our neighbors has given up on building the Kingdom of Elohim as Jesus proclaimed it in the Gospels, and as he specifically commanded us to build it in chapters 3, 25 & 28 of St. Matthew’s Gospel, and as he watches our work now to prove whether or not we shall build it exclusively through, and with, and in him, so that he may build cases either for or against us based on his Gospel commands as he anticipates his time of return to us. 

Instead of following the extremely clear, and literal instructions of Jesus to Help Mercy Abound in all we do, our misguided sisters, and brothers have sought to use merely the same political tools of hyperbole, half-truth, hubris, and hurly-burly which The Roman Government used in 33 AD, and which Our Accuser used to exert control over his fellow sojourners here on this Earth, by duping Eve & then Adam into opening Pandora’s Box of The Furies upon us all, so that he, and those who seek to conquer the seven mountaintops of human existence under their own steam, can make the rest of our lives as miserable, and oppressive as his own until he, and these brothers, and sisters of the seven mountains, his willing practitioners of the FUDS of OPML, are once, and for all, consigned forever to the never-ending torment of bodily disintegration without even the slightest hope of redemption, or molecule of water to quench their thirst, in Hell. 

In short, these, our sisters, and brothers of the feckless mountain mandate, who erroneously both name Yeshua Meshiach Ben Elohim YHWH El Shaddai Adoni Malek Ha’olam, Ben Salem as their Savior, and then fecklessly clamor to produce their own miracles by mere human means, misguided many in their sycophantic  wake. 

Moreover by their showmanship of dubious spells, and incantations, they are missing the miracles of the Mercy of the Eucharist who are literally standing right in front of them as honest practitioner in good standing of the Catholic Faith Tradition, and as the poor among whom we are all called to demonstrate both our humanity, and our adopted divinity by partying with them for Mercy’s Sake, for the sake of Yeshua Meshiach Ben Elohim YHWH El Shaddai Adoni Malek Ha’olam, Ben Salem, like never before each, and every day!

It’s not about infiltrating, and influencing anything. 

It’s about partying for Mercy’s Sake like never before with 

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As Jesus said on the Mountainside of the Beatitudes, life is about partying with the poor as we collaborate together to serve them with Our Bounty of Mercy in the spirit of The Agility of Grace through the freely-willed, well-willing, uniquely-peculiar contribution that each, and every one of us has been called to give. 

Ultimately, it’s not about what, or how much you control from the unreachable mountain tops of Glory, it’s about how much you give away in the visage of your neighbors in our community of the valley of the shadow of death. 

It’s about giving all of what you have been uniquely given by Elohim back to him as an offering of Eucharistia, that says, “Thanks Be to Elohim.”

It’s about doing the simple things everyday with the love that only Mercy can make shine with his Ineffable Light of Grace. 

It’s about showing our faith through our Baptism, with our eating of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Elohim, and in simply doing the Acts of Mercy Jesus commanded us to do among our neighbors, in whatever sphere we happen to serve (near the mountaintop or not), and inviting them to share in the Fullness of Charity found in Our Super-substantial, Transubstantiated, Heaven-borne, Bethlehem-born, Hopefully-Delivered-to-the-Least-of-These Bread of Happiness which we joyfully, and freely offer in conjunction with the delivery of our Divinely Inspired & Transubstantiated Wine of Human Kindness which we carry within our daily-renewed skins by virtue of our holy moment of discernment eating Jesus as the Bread of Salvation at the foot of Jacobs Ladder, and by his touch, become holy moment vessels transformed for the service of him, by him, and for him as Mercy among our neighbors, even to those poor, misguided souls who practice the dark arts of The Hogwarts of Christianity in our midst mentioned above. 

Ultimately, we must trust as Abram did so that he might be called “Abraham.”  

We must party for Mercy’s Sake like never before...

Because, like Abram, your Eternal Life, and our Ultimate Life depend on it.

Grab hold of Eternal Life with both hands, and help to haul your neighbors ass out of the well in the bargain with!

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We must trust Jesus, and Mary, Our Mediatrix of All Graces, to care for the distribution of the miracles of our time in both their everyday, and their exceptional manifestations (such as Lourdes & Fatima, and the like), so that we may be called, along with Yeshua, our Meshiach, “Ben Elohim YHWH El Shaddai Adoni Malek Ha’olam, Ben Salem.”

In essence, life is about succeeding by putting our own relatively meager bounties of Grace fully on the line, as did the widow with her two mites, to serve our neighbors in the valley of the shadow of death as did Abram, not about leading them astray by pressing them into service with the promise of snake oil on a mountain none of us will ever scale as did Nimrod. 

As Abram did, we must succeed by coming to the aid of our neighbors, and address their pressing existential needs, and then wait to receive our own blessing of Elohim at his pace, even as we give an ever-growing percentage of what we steward by his Grace back to him, rather than fail by pressing our neighbors into a fool’s errand on a shoddy, constantly crumbling facsimile of mountain of our own design for our own misguided gain as Nimrod did. 

Instead of spuriously attempting to force a blessing exclusively for ourselves, and for our particular “Friends of OPML” by spuriously attempting to conquer all of the  shiny, picturesque mountaintops from a patently insufficient, and tenuous tower of human subjugation as Nimrod did. 

Instead, we must go with the next-to-nothing we do have in our hands have and wage Peace for our neighbors, so that we may set free from slavery all whom we can, and say to them, as Melchizedek said, “...Blessed be the most high God [Elohim Malek Ha’olam], by whose protection the enemies are in thy hands.“

It’s NOT about knocking our neighbors out of the way; and preying on the weakest ones with the FUDS of OPML, and taking all of the true mountain tops of their lives away from them with a fake; and patently inferior one we force them to build; and subsequently blocking them, and blinding them from the Face of Mercy who may, indeed, and in deed, be found on the infinitely high mountaintop of the Eucharist, which we can only hope to help build with Faith, Hope, and Charity. 

It is NOT about blocking out the Face of Elohim with glitzy hurly-burly, and remaking the world into our own, infinitely more limited, and infinitely more ugly visage. 

It IS about consistently getting out of our own way with the humility of showing the Visage of Elohim to our needy neighbors by meeting them where they are, and then, with quiet, yet mighty Acts of Mercy pulling their asses out of the wells that entrap them, even while they are yet Sodomites, so that they might gather home with us to our Ultimate Happiness of Divine Intercourse with Elohim in a place where time shall tick, and tears shall drop no more. 

Life IS about sustainably, and progressively partying for Mercy’s Sake like never before with 

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