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July 20, 2019  John 11:35 

“And Jesus wept.”

The truth of sorrow is that we are broken open, so that we can gather in.  

Tonight, after watching the movie Yesterday, a window into the heart of Elohim was opened for me, and I saw that if he wills for each of us to be an Infinity of Happiness, he is also made infinitely sad every time he loses one of us for the lack of Mercy in our own hearts:  Every time one of us turns our back on his Mercy; every time we turn our back on our neighbor; every time we say to him in thought, word, or deed that we don’t need him, that will simply go it alone, and take our chances. 

I was in the midst of the buzzy, and joyful Saturday night crowd at Disney Springs, yet I wept uncontrollably. I was staggered, and had to sit down. I drove home slowly. And I am still worn out from the revelation as I write this. 

I must sleep now, and finish this in the morning. 

I am still exhaling sorrow. 

July 21, 2019 1 Cor 9:24-27

Even in this morrow, I feel the effects of my yesternight. 

And I have asked, at least once, what could be the purpose of revealing such a back-breaking, gut wrenching sorrow to me?

So, of course, in today’s readings, I find the answer.

We are broken open, so that we must stop, and reflect on what is important. And then double down not on what the FUDS of OPML tell us is urgent, but what Jesus, Our Lord, Mercy tells us is important by the glimmers of The Agility of Grace from of Our Holy Mother’s Mercifu eyes.

We are broken open, so that we will care about the loss of every soul, even the souls of the morally bankrupt GOP members who kowtow to the menace of MAGA, and who fear standing up to the demagoguery of Donald J. Trump. 

We are broken open, so that we may even be sorrowful for the loss of one so lost as Donald J. Trump himself, because the loss of one soul from the cause of truly, and infinitely diminishes the Happiness of us all. 

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We are also broken open to remind us that we have to let some fall, because, unlike Pokémon, we cannot catch them all. 

And we cannot do it all alone, especially if we are trying to do everything, even though everything might not be what is important. 

Today’s readings remind us to: Prioritize according to purpose.

We are called to remember, Jesus never called us to be Alphas, he called us to be Omegas, and then he rode into hosannas on a donkey, instead of a white horse

Jesus washed feet, and then he put his own Infinity of Happiness to death. 

And he wept, not only for his fried Lazarus, but for all of those, that even he knew he could not bring into his sheepfold, because he respects each, and every one of us so much, that he is willing to let us walk into our own, self-imposed eternal death, if we so choose. 

He, therefore reminds us, by reminding Martha to work with impact for the greatest good by always taking time to reflect on what SHOULD be done, so that we can do more better each, and every day with what we can accomplish in the Ineffable Light of the Bounty of Grace.

And to never discount the Real Presence of Jesus we both receive, and give away as our Holy Eucharist of Happiness, ever. 

Instead of asking us to go willy-nilly about, Jesus calls us to refract our list of to-dos through the rainbow lens of The Agility of Grace to ensure we are aligned for both speed, and efficiency of delivery according to his purpose, the purpose of Mercy, which is the will of Our Father, whom we share with Jesus as our Father in the Holy Spirit of Grace, and who is seated in Heaven, right where we, who overcome the OPML of this world with Mercy, and shun overburdening our neighbors with our own, self-absorbing FUDS, shall one day sit as well. 

If, that is, we, like Mary, and Mary, can get our partying priorities straight. 

As St. Paul tells us, don’t simply run the race as one who beats the air. 

Be in it to win it. 

Be in it for Mercy’s Sake. 

Be in it to party for Mercy’s Sake like never before...

Because your Eternal Life, and Our Ultimate Happiness Together depend on it!

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