Agile Life Adventures
O Beloved, Come with Me!
I want to Witness
The sighs of your Dreams...

Here we are: Irene & Grant... ¡Hola! Hello! 

This is us adventuring high above NYC on our Honeymoon in June of 2018.  

Now we invite you, Our Neighbors, to join us on our first Joint Quest as you

Help Us Deliver Happiness 

to our Neighborhoods, and then...

Around the World!

Be an Encourager, so that we can all...

Party for Mercy's Sake Like Never Before with!

Because your Eternal Life, and Our Ultimate Happiness truly depend on it...

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July 23, 2019 Matthew 10 

In a review of Fr. Louis Cameli’s 2011 opus, The Devil You Don’t Know...

...MSGR. CHARLES POPE reminds us that the four favorite tools of the devil, and the practitioners of evil in this world are:

  • Deception
  • Division
  • Diversion, and
  • Discouragement

The antidotes to which we of The Way of Mercy at remind the world are:

  • Truth
  • Unity
  • Mercy, and
  • Hope

Accordingly, we at stand with St. Paul, the Apostle, and encourage you to join us on our quest for Peace through Mercy. 

Please, be as crafty as serpents, but as innocent as the Doves of Mercy as you make your plans to party along with us!


We, the members of, build HOPE, both in ourselves, and among our neighbors when we party for Mercy’s Sake with the Beauty of Charity like never before, thus unifying the resolve of each, and every one of us to gather home with Bountiful Goodness toward our Ultimate Happiness of Eternal Divine Intercourse with Elohim, and with our brothers and sisters who follow The Way of Mercy in all we do, so that we can demonstrate with Absolute Truth that we all Do More Better when we Act With Holy Purpose to help our neighbors through The Agility of Grace, instead of suppressing them, denigrating them, and dividing them with The FUDS of OPML each, and every day. 

Join the Squad that Parties for Mercy’s Sake Like No Other!

Because your Eternal Live, and Our Ultimate Happiness Literally depend on it!
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