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Here we are: Irene & Grant... ¡Hola! Hello! 

This is us adventuring high above NYC on our Honeymoon in June of 2018.  

Now we invite you, Our Neighbors, to join us on our first Joint Quest as you

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Because your Eternal Life, and our Ultimate Happiness truly depend on it! 

Jul 15, 2019 Proverbs 27:6

My dear brothers, and sisters in Jesus, The Christ, Our Messiah of Mercy:

Our Readings remind us that it is always time for The Church in the United States, as part of The Church planted unto the ends of the Earth, to honor the call of Our Happiness & of Our Holy Father to Mercy.  (cf. 

Because love always trumps hate unto Happiness, it is always time for us to party for Mercy’s sake like never before with This IS, indeed, the answer to the question:  WWJD?

Specifically:  It is time for us to actively party in the same way, and with the same fervor we resist the culture of death surrounding the practice of unfettered abortion by resisting the morally bankrupt, and increasingly totalitarian Donald J. Trump, his MAGA movement, and what has become of the tatters of the sycophantic GOP that supports both of these two equally pernicious human travesties.  It is, indeed, time for us to honor our pledge to be pro-life, and pro-dignity for the whole life of ALL people who walk this Earth regardless of their past, their position, or their pernicious predilections of personality.

It is time for us, as it has always been time for us, to resist the evil that has crept into our nation through the mouth of Donald J. Trump by flooding the world around each, and every one of us with Mercy, so that the fools who would follow Satan, and try to fill the world with his OPML lies, and use the same FUDS that drove both Eve, and Adam to eat of this same fruit of our Original Sin, shall not prevail against us. 

It is time for us to open again our hearts to love, to speak truth to power, to open our borders, and to work without ceasing to ensure that ALL people who are ALL our neighbors in this world have: 

  • Healthy, clean food to eat
  • Healthy, clean water to drink
  • Clean, dignifying clothes to wear
  • Healthy, clean places to live, regardless of past, position, or personality
  • The healthcare necessary to live, and work with dignity
  • The freedom to pursue healthy, dignified work, which we, ourselves, actively help make possible
  • The care of dignified burial to celebrate the living of dignified lives
  • Prayerful support, both now, and after reaching the hour of death
  • The freedom to learn from mistakes, and seek Mercy, rather than be punished indefinitely for past, position, or personality
  • The freedom to be forgiven, each, and every day, even unto the infinity of days
  • The dignity of being treated with utmost patience, even when being personally trying
  • Comfort, regardless of past, position, or personality
  • Free access to good advice for amending toward Our Ultimate Happiness of Eternal Divine Intercourse with Elohim, and with those of us who share the eternal life of Mercy in our souls; and, finally…
  • Free access to knowledge, and wisdom, so that we may ALL live in, love in, work in, and recreate our world with dignity for Mercy’s sake until the hour of our death comes, AND so that the Kingdom of Elohim may come again upon this Earth as we prepare the way for the return of Our Messiah of Mercy

Because, as Jesus, Our Messiah of Mercy, said to the young student of The Law:  It is time for us ALL to go, and to do like The Good Samaritan, and to LIVE for ALL eternity, rather than dying the death of those who place personal piety, forensic justification, and the foolish FUDS of OPML above the wine of human kindness which the book of Tobit, Matthew 25, and, indeed, ALL of Holy Scripture, Holy Tradition, and Holy Magisterial Practice require us ALL to share with ALL of the people of this bountiful Universe.

Indeed… It is time for us to party for Mercy’s sake like never before with

Sincerely:  Grant W. Shull, Sir Knight of Columbus, Founder & CEO of 

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