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Here we are: Irene & Grant... ¡Hola! Hello! 

This is us adventuring high above NYC on our Honeymoon in June of 2018.  

Now we invite you, Our Neighbors, to join us on our first Joint Quest as you

Help Us Deliver Happiness 

to our Neighborhoods, and then...

Around the World!


Let's Party for Mercy's Sake Like Never Before!

Because ...FOREVER!
My Tribute to Our Victory over COVID-19


I invite you to sing the song of Victory through Mercy along with me! 

#Matt25 #BodyBloodSoulAndDivinty #IHDUSFLOrlando

Let us NEVER FORGET that Victory over COVID-19 is Always at Hand, because Victory over Death is Always at Hand when according to 

If YOU live in Huron County, OH

& YOU are home-bound because of COVID-19

& YOU are in need the Hopeful Help of Mercy to help get YOU through your quarantine:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Clothing
  • Home Maintenance Supplies
  • Meds
  • Other Liberating Helps & Prayers delivered from at least six feet away
  • And... should the sorrow of death visit YOU, or someone YOU care for... 
    • Dignified Burial


I Invite YOU to Contact me!

Twitter: @GrantShull


Phone: 855-999-0054

So that, when YOU do, I will work with Due Diligence, Godspeed & Anyone Else who cares enough to join me by becoming a part of Invisible Hands Deliver to get YOU what YOU need to make it through our shared time of trial under COVID-19 to the best of our abilities, together. 

Because Invisible Hands Deliver to ALL of Our Neighbors through & with & in the Ineffable Light of Grace, ALWAYS IN ABUNDANCE & ALWAYS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES!

Accordingly, as the de facto Captain of the Huron County Ohio Area for IHD & as an ongoing Fourth Degree Member of The Knights of Columbus, I have screwed my will & my courage to the sticking place to deliver the Divine Intercourse of Grace & Mercy & Peace to those who need it most during this trying time of quarantine, and throughout all of the challenges we shall face beyond, because I remain, just as it says on my shirt from Our Lady of Space #5667....

Therefore, let us always remember...

χαιρε is already ours through Our Baptism by Our κεχαριτωμενη in The Cloud of Our Fidelity embodying himself as Our Mercy within us even as we give him out to Our Neighbors, and live him out according to! ...FOREVER! ευχαριστία!

Indeed, The Victory over challenges like COVID-19 is ALREADY OURS if we simply Pick Up Our Omers of Faith, Gather the Manna of the Ineffable Light of Abundance Flooding Us with Dodecahedral Tesseracts of Grace, and Boldly Dance through the Puddles of Sorrow We May Face as we Party for Mercy’s Sake... 

Always Like Never-Before! 

Always Like ...FOREVER!

Let us not cower with nihilistic fear in the face of COVID-19, or any of its siblings of pandemic destruction... let’s get out there, let’s stay engaged, and let’s party for Mercy’s Sake with the Grace & Goodwill of Peace through Acts of Faith & Hope & Charity! ...FOREVER!

The Agility of Grace teaches us that the real solution to the challenges of COVID-19 we face right now, and to the challenges of all such times of all such monumental sorrow we shall vanquish in the future, is found in the unfathomable abundance we demonstrate to each other when we follow the principles of Freely Willing Mercy to help us to power through all of the waves of all of the difficult decisions we shall face with noble our actions fixed firmly within our hearts of stewardship as Our Charity for All whom we meet in the truth-cloud of all of our most worthy intentions we continue to deliver, each & every day, even unto the last syllable, and the last brief candle of our recorded time. 

Indeed, once you have SEEN The Ineffable Light of Grace streaming in overwhelming torrents of abundance toward us all from Heaven, there is no looking away! 


I, Grant William Shull, am one who was afforded such a panoramic front-row view of such an Amazing Grace on the day of my Baptism in the Fall of 1986 while both standing in the First Methodist Church of Arlington Heights, Illinois, and knelling as a Knight of Mercy to be dubbed both a member of The Community of Elohim, and a Warrior of Peace by the literal & palpable touch of Holy Mary’s Shekinah streaming Hands of the Glory! 

Indeed, I have seen ...FOREVER!

Therefore, I can attest that there is definitely a life of never-ending abundance glimmering all around us, veiled just beyond what we experience here on this Mortal Coil as the Everyday Physicality of our all too limited lives we all share, together. 

And since I am bedazzled by this Glory that both awaits us beyond the hour of our shadow of death, and is always pooling in ineffable abundance at our feet as the prime motivator of all that is good in this real-and-present, physically scarce world through which we now walk darkly, I see the publishing of the article referenced below as a sad day for us all... IF... we allow it to become the indelibly blinding logic of our Zeitgeist in what will be our post-COVID-19 world beyond this particular time of this particular light & momentary trial, and thus irreparably block our view of... FOREVER!

An Artilce of Supposed Agreement on Who Should Get Care

The primary flaw in all of the thought experiments, and “ethical” schemes presented in the article referenced above is that one person, or one board of people, determines for others who gets treatment in an event like COVID-19, and, thus placing the deciding power in the hands of the ministers of the aid rather than in the hands of the supplicants themselves.  

Each approach analyzed also insidiously values physical death as worse, and less happy than physical life, rather than accepting physical death as an ultimate, and equally joyful part of the happiness of physical life (yes, the event of death itself is often a time of temporal unhappiness, but overall, it is ultimately a time of joy for those who are prepared to live an eternal spiritual life, versus suffer an eternal spiritual death of being forgotten as less than nothing at all).  

Indeed, all of the ethical “theories” present as the “unanimous” ethical thought of humankind have one flaw in common:  They reason from the obvious scarcities of physical life & death as polar opposites, rather than from the abundance offered to us by eternal, ecstatic Divine Intercourse with Elohim (which I myself am both a witness, and a present recipient) as the ultimate good raining down upon us among, and between the twin advents of life & death as its lesser, although not less important, nor no less beautiful sibling goods of life AND death unto the ultimate telos of what, indeed, is the ultimate Magnificat of life itself… to live a life of Divine Intercourse, so that we may to learn how & be prepared to live with Mercy 


To make physical life the pinnacle of our thought process, as well as the pinnacle good, and the pinnacle telos of our action is to make the object of our ultimate desire to be less than the object for which we, and life itself, were designed. 

This is where the rationale of Mercy, and the absolute volition of Free-Will comes in to help us all out of this deterministically nihilistic trap.  

First of all, we must define both physical life, and physical death as inherently, and equally good, or inherently, and equally bad, or, best yet, as neutral with respect to each other, as neither better, nor worse than the other, and both equally as important in preparing us for the ultimate good, and the ultimate happiness overall, Divine Intercourse with ...FOREVER... as an eternal spiritual life of unlimited, and fully unshackled Free-Will exercised in absolute rhythm & perfect harmony with the will of Elohim, our maker, our kinsman-redeemer, our bridegroom, and our friend.  

Likewise, we must hold as the ultimate bad (even as the downright pitfall of evil) an eternal spiritual death of knowing that we have only experience the physical in current frame of our being, and have, therefore, never truly existed, nor mattered. Thus, we shall never-ever have connectedness to Elohim, nor connectedness to the others around us even as we are confined to the NEVER-MORE which Jesus speaks of in Matthew 25, and eternally consigned to a place where our hungry, grabby & thirsty Neighbors, shall gnaw at us in a land without time & without satisfaction. Indeed, those of us who cling to this physical life as The Ultimate Good shall never, ever know the connectedness to what shall always be our eternally degrading, yet never quite non-existing selves as the ultimate bad, indeed the evil of never having another decision of self-determination, nor even the hope of having the free-will to begin to make such a decision. 

This Pathos of the Spirit is the ultimate enemy of each & every patient who walks in the door seeking life saving aid. 

This is the the very same evil of the first “ethical” lies born of hubris, half-truth, and hyperbole in the Garden of Eden at the prompting of Satan himself. 

These are the very same lies which are akin to those perpetuated, and vaunted as a consensus prescription for administration of aid in the article cited above. 

These are the lights of this present physical life that blind us to our deeper spiritual reality, just as Eve was blinded by the beauty of the fruit of knowing, and therefore judging, “good” & “evil” in this physical life, the price of which was ultimate, and eternal, although not fatalistically determined, spiritual death.  

And when Adam followed Eve into the eating of this “Fruit of Knowing Decision,” this fruit of “Fornication Under Carnal Knowledge,” based on what he could see in front of him in the apparent scarcity of the physical world around him, versus what he already knew to be his true destiny of eternal abundance from his witness to both the super-abundant goodness of unsullied Creation, and the instruction he had already received from Elohim about the beauty of the eternal spiritual life he had been promised, then Adam gave to us all the inheritance of eternal death, and of hard, scarce living with always far-less-than-optimal choices in the unrelentingly hostile physical life we now all experience as our collective, everyday Zeitgeist of Reality.

Therefore, we must go beyond the thinking born of this Fruit of FUCK Your Neighbor, and progress on to the ultimate tests about who lives, and who dies by virtue of life-saving aid on this physical coil not according to whether the patient, and the supplicant in question, is part of the “greater good” or the “greater happiness of the many” in this physical life, but rather on whether the heart, and deeper spiritual reality, of the singular individual person, the supplicant in question is properly prepared, and ready for their ultimate journey of Divine Intercourse, both now, and all the way through the hour of their death.  

Because the rationale of the former approach ALWAYS leads the supplicant away from Mercy, and unto NEVER-EVER, while the application of the latter has at least some chance to leading them unto Mercy …FOREVER!

The latter Mercy-filled approach is also the ultimate absolute application of both patient’s rights, and informed consent, because the application of the former takes the choice out of every supplicant’s hands, and places it in the hands of the administrator whom decides the fate, thus depriving the supplicant of any ability to ultimately consent to either treatment, or the withholding of treatment, while simultaneously robbing them of the function of their free-will.  

The latter appeal to Mercy, however, brings us to the triune pinnacle of meta-reality by combining our awareness of our real-and-present scarcity as the ultimate truth of this physical life, the mirror of the correspondingly ultimate randomness which blindly shape the outcomes to us all without regard for person, and the ultimate spiritual truth of real abundance embodied by the absolute application of free-will empowered by absolute personal choice, should a random provision of aid be found to be available.  

This is of utmost importance, because this is the ultimate function of our volition, of our good personal choices, that we must learn, even unto the hour of our death, to  determine help us find our ultimate destination not as the painful, and knowledgeable state of eternal non-existence in the NEVER-EVER with nobody we would ever want to be quarantined, but as the Infinity of Happiness we shall enjoy in Divine Intercourse with the community of Elohim, who has always been, is now, and ever shall be made up exclusively of those individual persons who continually choose the life of others over their own, particularly because the life of Elohim himself lives within them, and is inherently & eternally made up of absolute free-will (as the name YHWH he shared with Moses at the never-consumed, yet ever-burning bush on Mt. Sinai meaning… “I am who I am,” “I do what I do” & “I go where I shall go”).  

Indeed, being part of this trinity of Freely Willing Mercy is of utmost importance, because as the Psalm of the Great Hallel (Ps 136 [Ps 135 DRA]), which is sung to end the Seder, the annual feast of this very same Eternally Burning Bush of Easter, tells us over, and over again: 

The Mercy of Elohim Endures …FOREVER!

The implementation of The Freely Willing Mercy (aka The Will of Grace Approach) as a system of administering life-saving care, which I propose as the alternative to the “best for the most” mechanisms put forth in the referenced article, is extremely simple, and requires only three steps, which can be tersely summarized as follows:

  1. Counsel Up Supplicants.
  2. Randomly Hand Out the Aid.
  3. Let Each Random Recipient Decide to Accept the Aid or Give It Back as an Offering of Thanksgiving for their Neighbors.

In long form, these steps would comprise:

  1. When someone with the known condition of sorrow pleads for the application of naturally, physically source-limited, life-saving aid (in this case a respirator for treatment by a COVID-19 sufferer), the ministers of the aid should offer the person counseling on making the decision to receive the gift of aid, or not, should a natural, outcome-weighted random selection determine that the aid is theirs for the taking based on the following instructions pertaining to their volition in this matter, and in all matters of living & of dying... FOREVER! (And although there may be many lines of counseling offered along with this one) At least this line of reasoning, and hopefully others contrary to the reasoning put forward in the article above, should be presented as follows:
    1. That the community of Elohim (“They The God”) loves them infinitely, and has always wanted to have a relationship of Divine Intercourse with them throughout eternity …FOREVER!
    2. That the physical world was created as our inheritance, and prepared especially for us at the Hand of Elohim, so that we could tend it with our thanksgiving through our noble acts of dignified self-sacrificing labor as our food, and eternal life’s blood of Divine Intercourse with Elohim, the author of our world, and the ultimate, eternal unity of the multi-personal, triune “Him” who is the spiritual cognate to the unity of the multi-personal, ever-magnifying “Her” that he has always intended us to be AS ONE together …FOREVER!
    3. That the physical world, although temporal, and less “perfect” than the spiritual reality of eternal life beyond it, is real, important, and full of both good, and meaning for each & every one of us (even the good & meaning we find in physical death itself), just as Elohim created it, yet physical life has been limited by the bad, and the suffering that we, collectively, have always introduced through our Original Act of Evil (our “Original Sin” of eating the Fruit of FUCK Your Neighbor), committed by our original parents, Adam & Eve, and by the bad decisions & volitional acts by which we continue to ratify this Original Sin, and with which we continue to produce suffering for others, in part because of the natural scarcity we have been left with, and in greater part, because of the self-serving choices we intend when we, ourselves make use of what bounty we happen to find in the overall scarce context we all share to serve ourselves alone; indeed this Original Sin is the origin of all the bad, and all the evil, we find in our physical reality as a result of our first parents:
      1. Making the decision to ignore the greater spiritual truths beyond what we can, see, hear, smell, taste, and touch in this real world
      2. Ignoring the instructions of Elohim not to seek the knowledge of “good” & “evil” by eating of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, and
      3. Forsaking the gift of eternal life that was already theirs, hanging right next to them on the neighboring Tree of Eternal Life, and by extension
      4. Invalidating OUR access to the Tree of Life, which bears the same gift of eternal life, and was supposed to be our natural inheritance; the gift which we also continually confound further with our concupiscence toward self-serving volition; the gift that can only now be made real for us through the Agility of Grace (cf, and by the process of Divine Mercy.  
    4. That Divine Mercy is the only preparation by which we can be made ready to enjoy the fruit of the Tree of Eternal Life without being subjected to the penalty, and infinite pain of eternally self-aware eternal death. 
    5. That Divine Mercy is the only means by which we can avoid having never mattered; of meaning less than nothing at all, and of never being remembered by anyone who matters, as we burn, and are yet not quite consumed, in the completely randomized NEVER-EVER, a place of physically excruciating not-quite non-existence with no way out, and no hope of ever having the power to even begin to decide what will happen to us next, no, not ever, again.  
    6. That, perhaps, it is best to choose the Way of Divine Intercourse, which is, indeed, the Way of Mercy…FOREVER!
    7. That the process of Divine Mercy is three-fold, and lasts throughout our entire life, even unto the hour of our own, completely individual, and totally personal death, as follows:
      1. We must be brought back into the Community of Elohim by asking forgiveness for our Original Sin, which we all inherit, by virtue of our physical birth from our parents, Adam & Eve as our inherent loss of spiritual life, and the constant presence of physical scarcity that has resulted in both this Original Sin, and in us acting with our concupiscence (our “inclination toward evil acts”) in equally self-centered ways.  
        1. To do this, we must seal the admission of our personal guilt according to the Spirit of Elohim with the Sacrament of Baptism administered by a duly baptized member of the Community of Elohim by first offering up our heartfelt recitation of The Apostles Creed:
          1. “I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son Our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into Hell; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into Heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting” 
        2. And the Creed must be followed by the sprinkling of running water upon our head three times, along with the audible pronouncement of the prayer from the minister of the Sacrament:
          1. “I baptize thee in the name of The Father [while making  the first running sprinkle], and of The Son [while making  the second running sprinkle], and of The Holy Spirit [while making  the third running sprinkle].” 
        3. And we need to do this ONCE & ONCE ONLY in our lifetime at the hands of ANY member of the Community of Elohim (who has also already been baptized as a member of the Community of Elohim), either:
          1. By the will of our physical-world parents who seek out Baptism on our behalf sometime between our birth, and the time we reach the maturity of culpability for ourselves (generally around age 8, when we can form the idea that our actions have both temporal consequences for good & evil, and therefore be held responsible for our intentional acts that result in eternal consequences with regard to our own spiritual life & death, and the well-being of others in this mortal coil), or 
          2. By our own will when we seek out Baptism for ourselves should we remain yet unbaptized after we reach the maturity of our culpability.
      2. Then we must regularly remember our Baptism, thus spiritually ratifying, and sealing the forgiveness of our sins by engaging in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, which is the eating of the Real-and-Present Body, and drinking of the Real-and-Present Blood of Jesus of Nazareth, King of The Jews, and The Son of Elohim as the Real-and-Present Soul & Divinity of Elohim Transubstantiated by the Inefable Light of the Spirit of Elohim even as he is offered up for us as as the fruit of The Tree of Life through the prayers, and administration of this self-same fruit by a duly sanctified Priest of The Community of Elohim, according to the Messianic Plan established, and pre-figured before the very eyes of Adam & Eve by Elohim, himself, in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:21) when he (They-The-God) sacrificed perfectly made, and perfectly spotless lambs to dignify the man & the woman he had created, and dignified their work of Tikkun Olam, the repairing the scarcity of our physical world into which he subsequently banished both them, and us all. Through the sacrament of making clothes for them of lambskin, and subsequently sealing  for us all the right to enjoy Divine Intercourse …FOREVER… by virtue of being able to wear “the skin of God” by the death Jesus, The Lamb of Elohim, The Messiah, The Son of The Community of Elohim, born of the faithful fiat, and physical, Grace-filled reality of Mary of Nazareth, the Queen of the Universe, Mother of Mercy, and Queen of Grace, who was chosen by Grace to be conceived without sin by the Holy Spirit of Elohim, so that  our collective we could be his spouse without spot, or sin of concupiscence, with the spotless Mary as Our Queen, and our shared mother of hypo-statically unified, divinely human eternity, even before the foundation of the Universe itself, and then…
        1. We must, in turn, through our uniquely volitional Acts of Eternal Thanksgiving (Our “Acting Out” of The Eucharist in the physical world around us among our neighbors as our cloud of witnesses through & with & in their presence), engage our Neighbors in the Sacrament of the Eucharist by offering up the bottom of our hearts as Our Bread of Forgiveness, along with our own blood, sweat, and tears as Our Wine of Human Kindness for Our Neighbors, even as we deliver Our Helpfully Hopeful, Ever-Magnifying Acts of Mercy… and ever growing in Grace, we must continually, and progressively empty ourselves of our concupiscence toward our Original Sin of self-preservation & of our ongoing sins of self-aggrandizement, which we would otherwise mete out at the expense of both ourselves, and others. We must do this by continuously & consistently turning away from our correlated, spiritually blind acts of self-service which we wold otherwise commit each & every day, and instead, learn to act wholly for the goodwill of others (even the “Least of These” who are Our Neighbors) by ensuring (as per the terms of Our Ultimate Judgement referenced in the Apostle’s Creed as Our Baptismal Creed above, and specified in Matthew 25) that Our Neighbors ALWAYS have:
          1. Food Enough to Eat with Dignity
          2. Water Enough to Drink with Dignity
          3. Clothes Enough to Cover Themselves with Dignity
          4. Borderless Migration to Repose in Welcoming Homes with Dignity
          5. Healthcare Enough to Live & Love with Dignity
          6. Freedom from Circumstantial Bondage & Imprisonment to Work with Dignity
          7. Burial & Prayer to Be Remembered Beyond the Sad Hour of Their Death with Dignity 
      3. And when we fail at absolutely volitionally emptying ourselves of ourselves per Step 2, as we shall, even as certainly as the sun shall rise in the East until the end of time, WE MUST remember our Baptism even more solemnly with a mikvah, offered up to Elohim as a seriously retrospective “little bath” to wash our hands & feet of the concupiscence we have accreted on our journey, by engaging in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that we may be
        1. Cleansed of our sins of concupiscence,
        2. Brought back into harmony with The Community of Elohim, and...
        3. Readied, once again, to do even more better at “discerning the Body of the Messiah” scattered as glimmering Manna among us in the midst of our everyday, physical reality by:
          1. Engaging with even greater vigor in the Sacrament of the Eucharist each & every day as we gather the Grace of Elohim into our “omers of blessed bread making,” so that we do not “eat & drink damnation unto ourselves” by engaging in the Acts of the Eucharist with selfishly unclean hands, and feet that have been sullied by our concupiscence (and thus ironically damning ourselves by virtue of our misdirected volition toward the NEVER-EVER even though we had thought we were  avoiding the same by our labors...
          2. Because in order to meet the test of the Eucharist, our intentions, our actions, and the resulting outcomes of our actions, all three, must all be of goodwill, and exclusively made up of the goodwill of Mercy for Our Neighbors, otherwise, we attach ourselves again to the evil of our Original Sin though guile, and, thus, to the damnation of the NEVER-EVER outcome of the same).
  2. Once counseling is complete, and the supplicant has been given the opportunity to engage in receiving/renewing their Baptism through the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and The Eucharist, and/or any other spiritual preparation that they choose to make
    1. The minister of the aid shall randomly determine whether, or not the supplicant shall receive the aid they seek, by using a device appropriately weighted for the random selection of a positive outcome of providing the aid according to the relative availability of the aid in the context of the real-and-present scarcity percentages (the odds of receiving the aid should be the same as the total number of aid packages available divided by the total number of people currently seeking the same aid at the time of the request of the supplicant in the locus for which the aid is to be allocated).  
    2. Thus, BOTH:
      1. The natural physicality of our real-and-present world tainted by both Original Sin, and the ongoing concupiscence of us all, its stewards, will be replicated in the selection event, AND...
      2. The minster, along with all involved in the process, will be BOTH fully within the bounds of the goodwill of Mercy having been absolved of using a tainted means of provision,
        1. Because to be purely offered in goodwill the volition, the means, and the ends of the aid achieves must be neutral according to both the temporal, and the ultimate good with regard to the supplicant, the supplication, and the pool of other supplicants at large in the particular locus which they happen to co-exist.
  3. Should the supplicant receive the aid they prayed, the third, and most important step is to allow the supplicant to decide whether to avail themself of the aid, or to reject it in favor of another, perhaps more worthy random supplicant, after, and only after, reviewing the counseling from Step 1 with their personal counselor.  

In this way, both Free-Will, and Mercy serve together as both the informed consent, and the rights for ALL patient supplicants, and both are each uniquely, completely, and mutually conserved without diminishing any of the other

In this event, Justice kisses Mercy as the kiss of Divine Intercourse, and the Peace of Tikkun Olam (the work of the Abundance of Ineffable Light dignified for us in Eden) is the byproduct, because the decision for aid is left to the best person to decide the fate of the supplicant, the supplicant themself, at least as far as the natural limitations of the physical world that we all communally, and randomly experience together as a real-and-present, although never deterministically nihilistic scarcity, will allow.

Everyone involved in this version of the selection process is absolved of all taints of nihilism, malignant volition, and potential errors in judgement.

And, as an added bonus, should the supplicant give up their opportunity to receive their randomly provided aid in deference to the good of the next supplicant, and subsequently die in lieu of its provision, Mercy shall be added as a credit to their Baptism, and Sainthood shall be there’s immediately at the hour of their death, because of their ultimate self-sacrifice in this physical life (cf John 15:13), thus providing both the most Ultimate Happiness as the Ultimately Greatest Good for the greatest number of people who care enough to choose the goodwill of their Neighbor, and greater shall be the Divine Intercourse of all of us who choose likewise.

And should you, as supplicant, minister or bystander not wish to even begin to believe in the course of counseling set forth in Step 1 of this Freely Willing Mercy method of election set forth above, perhaps you will be swayed toward the Universal Truth of what is our occluded human nature, and is the mysterious worldview offered by the Very Creator as a World glimmering & teaming with the unlimited abundance of the Ineffable Agility of Grace just beyond the hazy gaze of our un-baptized eyes which we all miraculously share when a supplicant does choose to forego an award of aid, simply because, by the practical application of their sheer volition as an act of self-sacrifice, they will have overcome the weight of the false choices, and ultimately less than nihilistic outcomes presented by any of the “greatest good for the greatest number” election methods alluded to in the article above. 

Instead of witnessing the defeating advent of ultimate selfishness, when someone else chooses for all supplicants who to sacrifice among “the few” for “the many,” or “the many” for “the few,” we shall, indeed, witness the ongoing Victorious Advent of Grace when even just one single supplicant takes the ultimately, and divinely empowering step of trading their randomly provide temporal good away by throwing it back into the pool for both everyone else, and the next random someone else under the premise that that someone else might be more worthy of the assistance they need for themself, and thus refuse to fear death, and diffuse …FOREVER… in your mind the false choice offered by the scarce hubris, hyperbole, and half-truths that are part & parcel of our everyday physical existence in this finite place of occultly glorified abundance we call The Earth. 

Thus, having been witnesses to the singular Act of Mercy as the Dignity of Glory, we can bury this noble supplicant (and perhaps, in turn, your doubts about the gloriously shining reality of abundance that truly lies beyond this life)

Thus, by the keeping the Dignity of both their Free-Will & their Mercy intact, our supplicant has allowed us all to bask in the illuminating glow of their final self-sacrificing act, because this one, simple, randomly receiving supplicant has left their final volition intact for us as a shining example of how each & every one of us can be even more human, and infinitely more divine than we ever thought we could be. 

Thus, with one gesture of sublime social Intercourse made by our one humble supplicant through the sheer reality of their one single act of Freely Willing Mercy, we are all be made the beneficiaries of, and witnessed to, a truly miraculous moment of the Divine Mercy that now streams toward us all in unlimited moments of Glory, and shall stream toward our many generations to come, even unto...


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