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A Safe Place Registry Listing Subscription
for a Single Location is
$179.95 for the first month,
 and $29.95 for each month thereafter.
Listing services are provided through 
our parent company: Fitness Interface LLC.

As Members, 

we commit ourselves to:

NEVER possessing, or using any weapons of any kind — especially guns, and other forms of firearms — anywhere at all.

NEVER allowing anyone to possess, or use any weapons of any kind — especially guns, and other forms of firearms — anywhere on our premises, at any time at all. 

ALWAYS treating ALL who seek shelter on our premises, as best we can, with both the Dignity of Human Kindness, and the Mercy of Social Justice, so that ALL who join us as our guests can progressively, and sustainably build the Peace of Communal Harmony along with us, and with everyone we meet, no matter where we may be found on the face of this Earth. 

ALWAYS helping ALL who visit our premises, as best we can, both to observe Conscious Discipline® as a transformational means of Social-Emotional Learning, and to practice the Agility of Grace in our quest to, wherever we may be found on the face of this Earth, so that we can ALL live just a little bit better together, each & every day. 

Because, no matter where you are from, nor what you believe you are about, nor where you believe you are going, we want you to know that You are Worthy of Love, and You are Capable of Loving everyone you meet according to the particular Breadfruit of Mercy & Wine of Human Kindness you offer to everyone you meet, without ever picking up, or carrying, or using any weapon at all.

When you register your premises as a Safe Place Registry space, and maintain the regular payment of your membership dues, you will receive:

  1. A listing of your particular place as a Safe Place Registry space on our global registry, right here on this website. 
  2. Eight physical signs for you to post to indicate that your location is a safe & weapons-free zone per the guidelines above. (One each for your property's four corners, one each for your front & back entrance/egress, and one each for your front & back doors.)
  3. Regular newsletter updates via email on issues & tips for providing a safe place to those who visit you as your guests.
  4. Various buttons, pins, and other items for you to wear into the public square to promote the growth of the Safe Place Registry community. 
  5. A forum where you can ask questions, get answers, and request assistance from other Safe Place Registry members about particular challenges you may be facing.
  6. Regular offers for you to participate in events on the public square to help make ALL of the places on the face of this Earth into safe places for us ALL. 

And for those of us who need a refresher on exactly what both the Breadfruit of Mercy, and the Wine of Human Kindness may be…

We note that the Breadfruit of Mercy is any volitional act that helps ALL of our Neighbors to have:

  1. Food Enough;
  2. Water Enough;
  3. Clothes Enough;
  4. Open Migration to Welcoming Homes;
  5. Free Healthcare;
  6. Free Assistance for Living, Loving & Laboring with Dignity;
  7. Free Burial & Kind Remembrance for the Dead;
  8. Prayer for ALL, both the Living & the Dead;
  9. Consolation for those Afflicted by the Scarcities & Injustices of the FUDS of OPML;
  10. Forgiveness of Past Injustices;
  11. Forbearance of Ongoing Injustices;
  12. Admonishment of those who plan New Injustices;
  13. Encouragement for those who are Doubtful of the Way of Mercy; and
  14. Education for those who are Ignorant of the Way of Mercy.

We also note that the Wine of Human Kindness is the Goodwill you make of your life whenever you choose not to harbor the Grapes of Wrath in the bottom of your heart, but choose instead to crush them out as you according to the acts of servant-leadership you demonstrate when you ferment their otherwise sour juice with the Agility of Grace into a delightful concoction of kindness that is both uniquely your own, and something you freely share with your Waiting & Thirsty Neighbors, each & every day, so that, in the end we can ALL better enjoy life, and more calmly take things as they comes, no matter what blockers & twists & turns we may find in the road together along the way. 

This is the sum total of what registering your location as a safe space on the means; nothing more, and nothing less.