Agile Life Adventures
O Beloved, Come with Me!                  Message of Unrelenting
I want to Witness NON-Discrimination
The sighs of your Dreams...



The Show of Amazing ICE, Happiness & Purpose 

that YOU STAR IN...

Will happen at:

  • Disney World Parks & Resorts
  • The Florida Space Coast
  • Cocoa Beach
  • (And more… should you dare)

No hidden fees:  One package. One price. More to do than could ever be done!

Your ticket to adventure, and 

planning for a group up to 12 people:  $5,000 due now.

Your remaining per person package totalDepends on which resort you stay at, what venues you select, and what “extras” beyond the package we plan together.

Standard Package Includes:

  • Airport pick up & drop off
  • Attraction Venue Visit Plan
  • Attraction Transportation to One Venue per Day (generally 8AM to Midnight)
  • Personal On-Venue Concierge Assistance
  • Entrance Fees to All Venues
  • Full Dining Plan with snacks included
  • Purposeful Agility of Grace Seminars Each Day
  • Mustard Seed Factory Tour & Join the Pack Fun
  • The Little Mustard Seed Starter Pack Trilogy, and other helpful reference links
  • Pre-tour Planning Session
  • Post-tour Retrospective Session
  • On-going Membership Discounts to support your future graceful acts of merciful purpose

Customized packages, and group customization discounts available (12 guests max). 

Don’t miss out…

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Because Your Eternal Life, and Our Ultimate Happiness literally depend on it...
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