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Here we are: Irene & Grant... ¡Hola! Hello! 

This is us adventuring high above NYC on our Honeymoon in June of 2018.  

Now we invite you, Our Neighbors, to join us on our first Joint Quest as you

Help Us Deliver Happiness 

to our Neighborhoods, and then...

Around the World!

JOIN the Little Mustard Seed Factory Network

Let's Party for Mercy's Sake Like Never Before with!

You provide the space, and some volunteers, and we will help you do the rest as we work together to:

Sustainably Feed 8 Million People per year, and then Do More Better Even More Better for Mercy’s Sake each, and every day to make the world a better, brighter place for us all to live in, and to love in.

JOIN the LMSFNetwork NOW!

BIG NOTE:  Because it is necessary to allocate space in a Catholic parish fellowship hall, and organize volunteers within that space, memberships are limited to those who actively practice the Catholic Faith Tradition. 

IF YOU DO WANT TO HELP GROW TO FEED 8,000,000 STARVING PEOPLE EACH YEAR, and have not yet found yourself to be of the Catholic Faith Tradition, or even of any Faith Tradition at all, YOU CAN STILL DEMONSTRATE YOUR GOODWILL FOR YOU FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS EARTH…Simply JOIN as a 3on3 TEAM MEMBER


And start forming your own team around you to make your own positive impact of goodwill on whatever neighborhood you call, “Home.”

To be part of the LMSF Network, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of a local Catholic Parish Church Community

  • Be able to supervise the operation of the factory room by yourself, work the production process yourself, and direct the work of additonal ad hoc factory volunteers between the hours of 10AM and 10PM local time, according to the shift you arrange with your local LMSFNetowrk Partners

  • Be available, and willing to promote your Little Mustard Seed Factory throughout your local Parish geography among both those who are of the Catholic Faith Tradition, and those who are not

  • Be able to continually encourage your fellow paritioners to be LMSFNetwork Partners along with you (ideally there will be 10 active LMSFNetwork Partner Memberw in good standing at all times)

  • Be a Subscribing LMSFNetwork Partner Member in good standing from your parish to help cover the costs of administering our shared endeavor... USE THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON BELOW NOW!

This is your invitation to join The Squad that parties for Mercy’s Sake like nobody else!
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The purpose of the LMSFNetwork is to help refocus the Knights of Columbus, and by natural extension, The Church as a whole toward our Ultimate Happiness together through the service of Mercy, so that we can reinvigorate the parishes we serve with the human connectedness that MERCIPALOOZA offers, and help to make them into the Maker Parishes that Jesus, Our Messiah of Mercy commands.

Our first goal is to help the Catholic Church in the United States collectively, and sustainably feed 8 million people per year that would otherwise starve without our help.  

For this effort, we shall partner with Food For The Poor, and Feed My Starving Children to create a perpetual “Join The Pack” event operating every day from 10AM to 10PM local time.

As we work on achieving a consistent, demonstrable level of delivering 8 millions people years worth of food each year through our Manna Pack supply efforts, we work to ensure that our local Second Harvest/Feed America food pantry fully supported by our KofC infrastructure, and KofC sanctioned volunteers.

To do this, we shall apply the practices of The Agility of Grace that are inherent in the Holy Rosary of Agility, are detailed in Grant Shull’s Little Mustard Seed Starter Pack Trilogy available for FREE at to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers, and are further elaborated by other resources that may be found at, and our parent site

By practicing The Agility of Grace in these initial efforts toward fulfilling the delivery criteria of what literally is Job #1 as a Corporal Act of Mercy for the Church, or CAM1, we shall gain experience in applying The Agility of Grace to other practical, operational aspects of our local parishes for Mercy’s Sake.

By building our capabilities incrementally with The Agility of Grace over time, we shall recognize our full potential as followers of Christ, Our Messiah of Mercy, and fulfill the vision of Our Pope, Francis, who used the year of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy to emphasize that is time for us as The Church to open again our hearts to love, to speak truth to power, to open our borders, and to work without ceasing to ensure that ALL people who are ALL our neighbors in this world have: 

  • Healthy, clean food to eat (CAM1 - Food)
  • Healthy, clean water to drink (CAM2 - Water)
  • Clean, dignifying clothes to wear (CAM3 - Clothing)
  • Healthy, clean places to live, regardless of past, position, or personality (CAM4 - Shelter)
  • The healthcare necessary to live, and work with dignity (CAM5 - Healthcare)
  • The freedom to pursue healthy, dignified work, which we, ourselves, actively help make possible (CAM6 - Dignified Liberty to Live, Work, and Love)
  • The care of dignified burial to celebrate the living of dignified lives (CAM7 - Dignified Burial)
  • Prayerful support, both now, and after reaching the hour of death (SAM7 - Prayer)
  • Comfort, regardless of past, position, or personality (SAM6 - Comfort)
  • The freedom to be forgiven, each, and every day, even unto the infinity of days (SAM5 - Forgiveness)
  • The dignity of being treated with utmost patience, even when being personally trying (SAM4 - Forbearance)
  • The freedom to learn from mistakes, and seek Mercy, rather than be punished indefinitely for past, position, or personality (SAM3 - Admonishment)
  • Free access to good advice for amending toward Our Ultimate Happiness of Eternal Divine Intercourse with Elohim, and with those of us who share the eternal life of Mercy in our souls (SAM2 - Counsel); and, finally…
  • Free access to knowledge, and wisdom, so that we may ALL live in, love in, work in, and recreate our world with dignity for Mercy’s sake until the hour of our death comes, AND so that the Kingdom of Elohim may come again upon this Earth as we prepare the way for the return of Our Messiah of Mercy (SAM1 - Instruction)

Once our initial goal of sustainably feeding 8 Million people per year is achieved, and our local food pantry supply lines are secured, we shall help our local Knights councils to engage, and train their members to fill the following persistent delivery stewardship positions as a sustainable superstructure to support the offices typically filled by KofC members:

  • Chief Parish Builder to support all operations within the parish
  • Chief Publications Officer to provide an ongoing public demonstration of the impact which the KoC is delivering through its participation in the LMSFNetwork
  • Chief Agility Coach to serve as a supplier of Scrum Masters to the other Chief Stewards, and a central reference point for the enculturation of the healthy practices of The Agility of Grace
  • Chief Food Delivery Steward
  • Chief Water Delivery Steward
  • Chief Clothing Delivery Steward
  • Chief Immigration Support & Shelter Delivery Steward
  • Chief Healthcare Delivery Steward
  • Chief Dignified Work & Family Life Delivery Steward
  • Chief Dignified Burial Delivery Steward
  • Chief Prayer Delivery Steward
  • Chief Comfort Delivery Steward
  • Chief Forgiveness & Reparation Delivery Steward
  • Chief Forbearance Delivery Steward
  • Chief Internal Admonishment Delivery Steward
  • Chief Consolation Delivery Steward
  • Chief Instructional Delivery Steward

It is highly recommended that each Chief listed above shall also have a deputy to serve as a back-up collaborator, and as a next-up for the Chief they help to serve.  And that each of these lead stewards be members in good standing of the LMSFNetwork because then, we will be able to fully support their efforts with the tools, technology, and training that give The Agility of Grace the LEGS necessary to make Mercy the primary ubiquitous reality in our world.

Join LMSFNetwork NOW!

The point of the LMSFNetwork is not to duplicate what is already being done, but like the service of St. Stephen the Martyr, to ensure that the delivery of Mercy to all of our neighbors is as Agile, as Grace-filled, and as Evangelically Prophetic as possible.

Where the functional jurisdictions of these stewards overlap with a function which the parish already provides in one, or more ways, the chief, and deputy shall coordinate with their respective functional administrators of grace as subordinate stewards, and suppliers of additional volunteers to ensure that the provision of these service by the parish at large meets, or exceeds the delivery standards which would normally be expected of their Brother Knights.  And where programs of any particular functional area of the parish can be expanded by the addition of muster from among the ranks of the Brother Knights, the chief stewards of the corresponding functional area shall be encouraged to use all due diligence to make that growth a reality.

And as with St. Stephen, we shall use the demonstrable impact of these, our labors to help engage those not yet of the Catholic Faith Tradition in our communities in the works of Mercy as a way of introducing them to The Agility of Grace we learn to follow every time we pray the Holy Rosary for the purpose of Peace on Earth, and Goodwill toward all of our neighbors, and fellow sojourners here.

So, please do join us…

Join The Squad that parties for Mercy’s Sake like nobody else today by becoming a member in good standing at NOW!

Because your Eternal Life, and our Ultimate Happiness literally depend on it...

Please join TODAY!