Agile Life Adventures
O Beloved, Come with Me!
I want to Witness
The sighs of your Dreams...

Here we are: Irene & Grant... ¡Hola! Hello! 

This is us adventuring high above NYC on our Honeymoon in June of 2018.  

Now we invite you, Our Neighbors, to join us on our first Joint Quest as you

Help Us Deliver Happiness 

to our Neighborhoods, and then...

Around the World!

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If you want to to help OUR HAPPINESS along as a group, a business owner, or just an all-around kind person, receive EXTRA BENEFITS of HAPPINESS for your leadership, and USE YOUR MEMBERSHIP PACKET FOR YOUR OWN PROMOTIONAL & FUNDRAISING PURPOSES

(CLICK here TO SEE OUR PLAN we recently submitted for partnering with Food For The Poor)
(CLICK here TO SEE OUR PRESS RELEASE about LMSDTN... OUR RECENT LAUNCH of the Little Mustard Seed Dodecahedral Tesseracts Network to change our world for the better, forever)

Help Us Deliver Happiness Around the World TODAY!

Help us Promote World Peace by Playing Your Part in our MERCIPALOOZA World Tour to show that Commerce can have a Purpose beyond simply trading money for stuff!

AND... Help us Sustainably Feed 8 Million+ People Per Year through, and in the process. 

As your guides to a life of Agility, Irene, and Grant invite you to take our maiden Agile Life Adventure of Happiness, and quest along with us.

Please help us to keep our Happiness Rolling by buying multi-visit BOGO Tickets that will help us to cover our startup costs for opening our first Rita's, and you will literally receive our Happiness in return!

Help us to deliver the Ice, Custard, and Happiness of a Rita's Italian Ice store to our Neighborhood, and we will use that store to help deliver happiness beyond the tasty Cups of Happiness we shall share together to those who need it the most.

Simply join us in Sharing Our Joy with your Neighbors by buying tickets to help us celebrate Our Second Wedding Anniversary with the Grand Opening of our first Rita’s Italian Ice locations on June 8, 2020.

And, if you bring your First Happiness Event ticket along, we will Make your First Cup of Happiness FREE! 

(And your next twelve too, if you remember to ask us kindly, bring your ticket, and buy an equally valued, or greater cup of Happiness for a neighbor each time you visit us.)

Because it is our purpose to offer you: 

A Van, a Plan, And a Guiding Hand to Deliver Happiness Along Your Way… So That, Together, We May Seek Love, Serve Mercy, Wage Peace, and Radiate Joy as We Join The Queen of Grace Forever!

And Our Ultimate Happiness Together all starts with just a little bit of ice, and a few bags of Little Mustard Seeds to help feed the poorest of our Neighbors!

The details of our intent to leave a lasting legacy of Happiness by setting off a GLOBAL FULL-METAL MERCIPALOOZA extravaganza are in our exciting "In It to Win It Together with Our Neighbors" plan below.

We are asking you to join us in the success of our joyful purpose 

by helping us all to get rolling down our path toward our Ultimate Happiness Together.

Because, it truly is our fervent dream, and our bounden duty...

To deliver Happiness along with you to Our Waiting, and Thirsty Neighbors on three different levels:

  1. With a Cup of Happiness, faithfully prepared, fresh, and ready for you, each, and every time you visit us:  
    • To accomplish this, we shall open a series of Rita’s Italian Ice ( locations beginning in Erie County Ohio, to serve Grant’s Homeland in the Firelands, and then expand to the Orlando Vacation Mega-plex, where Irene’s family from Argentina is centered, so that we may always be there to greet you with a Cup of Happiness full of Rita’s Italian ice, and/or frozen custard, and/or other goodies a la Blendini should your whimsy desire it, when you drop in for a visit with us while you are on your own adventure to The Cedar Point at the Center of the Great Lakes Summer Fun or The Never-ending Celebration of Magic that is Orlandoland.  (And if things go well, the Miles of Mirth in Mendoza are not off our Map of Marauding Happiness at all.
    • Once our first two stores are open, and operating well, we shall grow our footprint of Happiness throughout Northern Ohio, and Central Florida to deliver as much Happiness to as many of you, Our Neighbors, as we can.
  2. With a Cup of Faithful Happiness, PLUS an Offer of Joyful Hope delivered directly to you in your Neighborhood: 
    • Even as we are establishing our fixed store locations, and expanding our footprint of Happiness we shall deploy a series of food trucks full of our freshly made Happiness from our stores, so that we may deliver handy cups of it to those of you, Our Neighbors, who cannot easily join us at our fixed retail outlets.
    • To encourage your Hope along with Our Happiness, we shall bring along with us a Merry Band, a Priest of The Mercy of The Holy Spirit in The Flesh (aka a Priest from a Local Catholic Parish), and some Volunteers who specialize in Social Justice, so that you may find joy in our song, peace in our counsel, and practical help with any OPML scarcities that might be blocking the way to your own, personal Happiness beyond the dessert-filled Cups of Happiness we shall enjoy, together. 
  3. With a Cup of Faithful Happiness, an Offer of Joyful Hope, PLUS bags full of The Little Mustard Seeds of Charity, which we shall prepare, pack, and deliver together as real-and-present packages of life-giving food to those who would otherwise die of starvation at the rate of one every four seconds:
    • When our trucks go out, we will enlist the aid of a nearby Catholic Parish Church ( both to sponsor our journey to our location in your Neighborhood, and to serve as the host packaging facility for filling, and boxing life-saving bags of food under the auspice of Feed My Starving Children (, and then shipping them to those who need them the most with the Godspeed of the folks at Food for the Poor (  
      • This is just like the events that some of you may have volunteered for over the holidays, or at special events by offering both your goodwill, and part of your weekend to send off these little bags of food that are offered as bits of Charity to those in need.  By helping us to get our Quest of Happiness going, you help us to make a big difference from these special events...
      • Because when our ice trucks Roll with Mercy, we shall make these events of Godspeed an everyday occurrence for those of you who seek out our Vans of Happiness, and then join our Plan, by following Our Guiding Hand of Grace to the local Little Mustard Seed Factory we have set up in a nearby Parish Hall for our mutual benefit of Mercy.
      • And while there, we will be happy to speak with you should you have more questions about gathering home toward Glory with us to Our Ultimate Place of Mutual Happiness when time shall tick no more, by living the Eucharistic Life with the Little Mustard Seed of faith that has always been with you, from the very moment of your birth, and stands every day at the door of your heart knocking to come in by virtue of your Charity, so that he may sup of Happiness with you, and you may join with us all who are gathered, and rooted in his shared Heart of Mercy by:
        1. Feeding the Hungry
        2. Slaking the Thirsty
        3. Clothing the Naked
        4. Welcoming the Alien in Our Land & Sheltering the Homeless
        5. Providing Healthcare to All Who Have Need
        6. Visiting Those Imprisoned by the Circumstances of their Life, Understanding the Context of Their Imprisonment, and Providing Them with Purposeful Tesseracts of Dignity as we Sincerely Collaborate in Setting Each Other Free
        7. So that, when the sorrow of death visits us as surely as shall our taxes, We May Freely Bury Each Other in the Secure Hope of Our Ultimate Happiness as We Join the Queen of Grace, in Our Turn.
      • And should you wish to better understand how to join us in gathering toward the Kaizen of Our Happiness, see the Namaste in us, and each of our Neighbors, and live a life sparked round with Joy of building a better, brighter world for us all, regardless of your origin, the pathway you have trod, or the faith tradition you may now follow, we will offer a series of seminars, day-journeys, “Vacations with a Purpose”, and even a World Tour of Happiness packaged as a series of FULL-METAL MERCIPALOOZA events that will help us all to: 

To put this simply...

We are asking you to help us to offer to you…

Ice.  Custard.  And... Happiness.

So that we may help you to help us to transform it with you through Our Van, Our Little Mustard Seed Plan, and Our Guiding Hand into…

Encouragement.  Mercy.  And Bliss.


Hey, if that isn't the very definition of a Community of Happiness, we don't know what is!

And, if Grant’s 30+ years of business experience, plus his Certified Agile Leader certification, and Irene’s similarly deep experience as a travel guide touring the joy-inducing Wine Country of Mendoza, along with the ethos of our shared faith tradition backed up by reams, and reams of documentation proving that our Golden Rosary of Agility is THE WAY for us all to make ourselves happy as a whole, then what Grant ( has codified in his Little Mustard Seed books of children’s poetry to promote Agility from the cradle to the grave is both indeed, and in deed, the way for us to progressively, and more gracefully do much, much more than we had ever thought possible.

AND RIGHT NOW for FREE... You can Do More Better Each and Every Day with The Little Mustard Seed Starter Pack Trilogy with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

With Agility as our byword, and Grace as both our ineffable fountain, and our peaceful intention, we shall deliver an improbable amount of Happiness to our often wearied, and sometimes wearing world in bountiful proportions of which we have not yet dared to dream!

And to think, we will open up our Universe of Possibility with the happiness of a little bit of ice, a bag of Little Mustard Seeds of Charity.

For this reason, we look to Your Bountiful Heart, and we reach out to you in the secure hope that you will join us on our humble quest to get those first cups of Happiness into your hands, and into the hands of Our Waiting, and Thirsty Neighbors

And we are hopeful that you will do it as soon as humanly improbable, and as divinely inspirational as possible.

To raise money for Our Quest of Happiness, we are hoping that you, Our Neighbors will cover us with a Cloud of Charity that will rain down Torrents of Bountiful Grace upon us all making the Ultimate Happiness which we all seek by joining The Queen Grace in Bliss just a little bit closer every time Our Little Ticket Bell rings.

And should you choose to Ring Our Bell of Happiness by buying a ticket to your First Happiness Event with us, we will offer you one free Cup of Happiness too when you buy an equally valued, or greater one for a Neighbor you bring along to Share the Happiness.

And if you remember to ask us kindly when you visit the first time with your ticket in hand, we will do the same for you, and the next Neighbor you bring along for a Cup of Happiness on each of your next 12 visits of Happiness with us.

Because it’s always better when you can Share the Happiness with a Neighbor.

But wait, there’s more…

Should you choose to buy your “First Happiness Event” ticket today, you shall also receive our Golden Creative Promise to you that we shall ALWAYS dedicate 10% of our NIBT to be split between funding the Acts of Mercy in your local zip code which you shall designate when you first visit us, and supporting Food for the Poor, which is our preferred provider of Mercy to even the least of us who have nothing to eat, and who die at the rate of one every four seconds, but for our help.

And to make all of this Happiness happen, you need do nothing more than buy a ticket to our First Happiness Event, and then check back with us periodically to share Our Joy as we update our progress toward establishing our first nexus for Sharing Our Happiness, in the real-and-present here-and-now, sometime before our second anniversary roles around the Sun.

And then, of course, bring your ticket, and a thirsty neighbor whom you shall slake with the Happiness we will serve you both, yours, as we have said, being FREE.

The faster you buy your ticket, the faster we can Share Our Happiness together, and the Happier June 8, 2020 will be for us all.



Let’s Get the Happiness, and the Mercy Rolling, Together!

Come and join us in Our Haiku of Kaizen~

Seek Love; Serve Mercy.

Wage Peace: Send Out Happiness.

Join The Queen of Grace!


And even if some you can’t buy Happiness… we beg todiffer


You'll be HAPPY YOU DID!