Agile Life Adventures
O Beloved, Come with Me!                  Message of Unrelenting
I want to Witness NON-Discrimination
The sighs of your Dreams...

Come... Dare to Dance with Passionate Agility

Let's Party for Mercy's Sake Just Like Never Before!

Our Heart of Agility
by Grant W. Shull, 2018

O Beloved.
Come with Me!
I want to Witness the Sighs of your Dreams.
I'll bring a Picnic, and we can Graze on each others' Souls:
Let's dance Naked! Let’s be Naughty; Let's be Bold, and Let's play with Abandon
In the Garden of Passion we shall Grow all Around Us with Seeds of Mercy,
Waters of Grace, Fires of Passion, Moans of Transcendence,
And Whispers of Our Two Hearts
Beating as One
Perhaps for Life...
Whatever You Dare to Wish!

We are led by Grant William ("Wild Bill") Shull: Seeker of Love, Steward of Mercy, Wager of Peace, and Planner of Passionate Agile Adventures.

The dream you have mused above with us is our Poetic Invitation; this is our Unifying Life Ethos; this is our Passion for Adventure.

This IS the mantra we hope we shall all share in common when, at last, time forces us to suspend our delightful journey together, and sadly say, "until the next time."

Come along with us... get away with us, and be prepared to experience something completely different.

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